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Mother and Child

She puts her arm on my shoulder to rest. I hold onto the hem of her green polka dot dress. We feel free like sparrows in flight. She teaches me Just by their leaves, the names of fruit trees; I … Continue reading

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To Daughter on her Birthday

Before you were born, I thought I chose you. When you took your first breath, I thought I made you. As you skipped, climbed and jumped, I thought I kept an eye on you. Over the years, I thought I … Continue reading

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Tonight, I lay me down to sleep A simple prayer I recite Carved in memory to keep alive the treasury of childhood archives. And in the nectar of my thoughts Her arms, a wingspan, fold gently Embracing the child in … Continue reading

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In the Flow of Life

There was a time when I did not give money to peddlers and beggars and people on the street. It’s not that I was not generous. I was and I am. It’s just that I didn’t trust that the money … Continue reading

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Tug at my Heartstrings

This past month has been one where things on my mind truly hit my heart with a new depth of understanding.  I feel the pull on my heartstrings, a tug-of-war between letting go and holding on, which is familiar to … Continue reading

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Love, Full Circle

Six years ago when my first grandchild was born I was told I would love him more than my child. “Just you wait,” they, the grandmothers said. “You’ll see how that little one will capture your heart and fill you … Continue reading

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Look in the Mirror

There comes a pivotal moment in everyone’s life when fleeting past a window or mirror, he or she stops for a split second because the image reflected appears as that of his or her parent. Looking in the mirror these … Continue reading

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She Said Mama

I have never owned a Barbie doll. I owned a big black African doll I called Babie. She wore blue overalls over a red and white striped shirt and she could walk if I held her hand just right in … Continue reading

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It is February

  The aroma of baked pastries stirs the senses, and boxes of chocolate whet the palate. Coffee shops serve cappuccinos with hearts frothed to perfection just waiting to be touched by lips. Florists are reeling shades of pink and red … Continue reading

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