Dedicated to All Women

Dedicated To All the Heroic Women Who…

“Give us wings to open the horizon of ascent,
To break free from our confined cavern, the solitude of iron walls.
Give us light, to pierce the deepest darkness
and with the strength of its brilliant flow
we will push our steps to a precipice
from which to reap life’s victories.”
(Excerpt from poem by Fadwa Tuqan )


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2 Responses to Dedicated to All Women

  1. nellie Pambakian says:

    Thank you Silva, sharing beautiful clip of poem. Back in days to present . Florence Nightingale one of our starter to be a strong woman 🕊️


  2. Colette says:

    Silva dear, stating “Loved” the poem would be an understatement. Thank you.
    Love it when one thing triggers something else and another… and you end up spending your time researching.
    Thanks for introducing me to a great lady with such an inspiring life.


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