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Shoulder the Responsibility

I was not alive during the Armenian Genocide. I am grappling with the fact that I am three generations removed, and the witnesses to the horrors of the Genocide in my family of survivors are dead or dying. The memories … Continue reading

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Dedicated to All Women

Dedicated To All the Heroic Women Who… “Give us wings to open the horizon of ascent, To break free from our confined cavern, the solitude of iron walls. Give us light, to pierce the deepest darkness and with the strength … Continue reading

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The house phone rang. “Aren’t you going to get that?” I asked. “Nah, it’s not a number I recognize,” he said as he glanced at the cordless landline on the coffee table in the living room. “If they want me, … Continue reading

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For You

For you, I create dreams. Tell tales of fairies embraced in twilight and moonlit fables that cradle the night. For you, I draw pages of passion that utter sea pearls in your heart. My love, My bliss, I shield you. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

January is my birth month. For those who know me, know that I love Birthdays. They are the measure of yet another year granted by the grace of God; a timeless privilege too often deprived by many whose breath on … Continue reading

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Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Mankind. It is what we wish for especially during Christmas and the New Year. Yet since the beginning of history, man has been in a constant state of war and strife.  We have … Continue reading

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Always Carry Mahs

Every so often I attend church. After the Divine Liturgy Mahs, a portion of unleavened bread (size of a saltine cracker but thin as a wafer) that has been blessed at the altar is distributed among the exiting parishioners.  It … Continue reading

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Travel, My Reset Button

I love to travel. It matters not whether I travel in state, out of state, across borders or over oceans. I long for the revelations, the deep insights and the life-altering encounters travel brings. I want the freedom and adventure … Continue reading

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Own the Fall

“Oopsy daisy, and up you go,” I said to my toddler grandson as he tripped and fell while running outside. This wasn’t the first time he’d taken a tumble. He knew the drill. He took a moment to check himself, … Continue reading

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Classroom Cemetery

Coffins nailed in our heart For the inhumanity That stalks us; Watching, Minds numbed We defend the value of life for an unborn child; Guns Tearing flesh, stopping hearts in mid inhale We lobby for expanded rights, Defending less the … Continue reading

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