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Mayr Im, Mother

   To all mothers who have left the light on with their unconditional love, this day belongs to you. Mother’s Day is a word that reminds us of hope, of life, of stability and belonging, of creation and procreation, symbolized … Continue reading

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I’ve Watched Mothers

Dedicated to the women who’ve lost a child and to the women who share the burden of loss. To the women of soldiers and to the women soldiers. To the women who pray and to the women who ask for a prayer.  Mother: she … Continue reading

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She Said Mama

I have never owned a Barbie doll. I owned a big black African doll I called Babie. She wore blue overalls over a red and white striped shirt and she could walk if I held her hand just right in … Continue reading

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Mothers, Mama

Mothers. Love them, or hate them. Look up to them or look down at them. Their loving hands caress gently or strike fervently. Cherish them or curse them. Emulate them or vow to become what they’re not. Idolize them or … Continue reading

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