Mother and Child

She puts her arm on my shoulder to rest.
I hold onto the hem of her green polka dot dress.

We feel free like sparrows in flight.
She teaches me
Just by their leaves, the names of fruit trees;
I tell her life is grand
She tells me only if I can stand
Tall from dawn to night.

We share an apple. I eat the core.
No, no she says, you must spit the seeds
And plant your dreams on barren soil in                                                                                                foreign shores.

I run my fingers through her hair,
Short, combed waves of softness,
She caresses my face,
Long, elegant, beautiful strokes
That paint a utopia we seem to share

We wipe the dust from our feet
Refreshed by the intensity of sprouting dreams
Roots planted a long time ago
Lacing the distance of our hearts.

I’ve missed you, I say.
I’ve missed me too, she says.
And in our reflection of who we want to see
We become the change we want to be
Am I child and she mother?
Or am I mother and she the child?

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2 Responses to Mother and Child

  1. Yeran says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your mom, to all moms. We miss them, we do! Happy Mothers’ Day!!


  2. nellie Pambakian says:

    Happy Mother’s Day dear sister/ friend Silva with your precious family. Near and far away.
    Always thinking about you. Sorry these days are difficult and full of commitments.
    Thank you for sharing wonderful poetry. My best regards and love to you and family. Enjoy your day dearest Silva.


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