To Daughter on her Birthday

Before you were born, I thought I chose you.
When you took your first breath, I thought I made you.
As you skipped, climbed and jumped, I thought I kept an eye on you.
Over the years, I thought I sculpted you.

Now, as I look back,

Before you were born, YOU were chosen for me.
When you took your first breath, YOU made me.
As you skipped, climbed and jumped, YOU had your eyes on me.
Over the years, YOU sculpted me.

with every year that grows in me,
YOU carve my heart with such precision and grace;
YOU transform even the ugly and chaotic into triumphs
Of beauty and bravery infused with love abundant.

Happy birthday, my jeweled crown.
May you live long.
May you live well
In the abundance of family love profound.


Art work by Anni Barsoum


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13 Responses to To Daughter on her Birthday

  1. Gladys S. says:

    Beautiful, there is nothing more touching that a mother who acknowledges her daughter’s uniqueness and independence and celebrates it. Happy Birthday to your daughter, which is also Happy anniversary to when you became her mother.

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  2. Colette says:

    Oh Silva, you got me all teared up. What a beautiful gift to Taline on her birthday. You have illustrated her soul so well. And now she is carving all that strength and grace into her own children. Happy Birthday to you both!

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  3. serkolig says:

    Precious words of love. From one gem to the other. Happy birthday aghchigs.

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  4. nellie Pambakian says:

    Happy healthy birthdays before you Taline with your precious family.You are jewel šŸ’Ž mother says. You deserve more, I am wishing long years ahead.
    Love you Taline
    Nellie Pambakian

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  5. Yeran says:

    Beautiful! You gave her life, you built on it together, she completes you. Happy birthday to Taline, a long and happy life, surrounded by her loved ones.

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  6. Seta Whitby says:

    That is what I say words from the heart! It is so beautiful. Happy Birthday Talin! We miss you šŸ˜˜

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  7. SF says:

    Pure Heart is our Taline!
    Precious,unique jewel !
    May all life blessings crown her.
    I miss her so so much .

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