Twin Blue Lights

Twin blue lights that shimmer in the darkness
Flood the night that haunts the sacred place.
Time passes,
But memories remain fresh and overwhelming

The wall of smoke, the trembling ground,
Sirens wailing, people jumping
Like birds learning to take flight,
Choking dust cloud rolling through Manhattan,
The grievous loss of life and the epic acts of heroism.

The panic, the chaos, the uncertainty and horror,
Later, the pain giving way to anger
And the desperate hope that the worst is over.
Memorials and monuments to our losses are built;
Across the nation, commemorations, not just in metal and stone,
But in solemn ceremonies and prayer vigils, candlelit.

We still remember
And perhaps always will, for the nation that went up in smoke
On this September day.
This day, that moment in history
Echoes beyond the memory of our eyes.

Tomorrow will not know what we know;
That a nation, indelibly marked by this singular tragedy
Gave birth to heroes;
A nation of faiths united
In strength and valor.

Twin blue living lights shoot to the sky
Unity and hope implied.
Twin shimmering pillars that carry
The slow unfolding of night into day.

Earth and rock are but a memory.

In remembrance of lives lost
In remembrance of heroes gained.

Photo:Tribute in Light by beanhead 4529 on Flickr
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2 Responses to Twin Blue Lights

  1. Yeran says:

    Long live their memory and the impact those heroes made.

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  2. Colette says:

    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the American spirit strengthened, got united and prevailed.
    May we always honor the memory of those who perished and may they Rest in Peace.

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