A New Day

It is midnight.
We cross our arms and link our hands
Together in a circle
And sing to drink to days gone by.
Step into the new year,
Open the door and enter a new day,
It is no different from yesterday, but today
Is the beginning of the ending of yesterday.

Do you see in our tomorrow
Anything other than what I wish it to be?
Faith to overcome fear; courage to meet discouragement;
Confidence to draw on strength, and success amidst failures we suffer.
Between dreams and reality, an immense distance transcends
And the mystery of tomorrow remains hostage to my thoughts.

It is nearly dawn.
Take my hand offered in kindness.
Together, let’s click, clack, clomp and march our footsteps
Across the threshold of tomorrow’s open door,
And when the first sun rises
We shall tread light our steps
To welcome a new day with footprints of joy and reverence,
Because today is the beginning of tomorrow.

SK 12/31/21


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4 Responses to A New Day

  1. Yeran says:

    A new day. A new year. Looking at tomorrow we see only good and hope it will become reality. Here’s to each and every day as good or not as good as we hoped for … life!

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  2. odarlynn1 says:

    Dear Sylva,

    I loved this poem! OMG! “The mystery of tomorrow remains hostage to our thoughts!” And “today is the beginning of tomorrow.” Your words encourage deep introspection which I love to do! Thank you! I will be writing you an email to provide feedback about AIWA’s conference. I didn’t forget. I’m just waiting for the right time to write it. I’m sure you understand. You are a true blessing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Flora

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