She is Mother

Years have passed

Since I looked into my mother’s eyes

Reflecting love;

Love she had shared generously with those

She’d touched in her life,

Love she knew would carry her through her days;

Love she ‘d given me and my siblings.

She had faith her story would one day end, that it must end.

“It is the order of life,” she had said. “For love to carry on,

It must be passed, and I must pass.”

And at that moment I came face to face with reality.

At that moment,

That day,

That night,

And forever more,

I would uphold the comfort of her magnanimous love

And I would be celebrating

This incredible, phenomenal woman…

….Mother, Mama, Mayr Im.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL whose hearts are satiated with a mother’s love.

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2 Responses to She is Mother

  1. Yeran says:

    Mothers … love personified! Happy Mothers Day!

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