Hello 2021

So long, 2020!
You gave the world sorrow and too much pain.

The pandemic shattered, scattered, stalked corners of the world,
Bearing death’s weight mercilessly on families, friends and strangers.
We heroically adapted, learned and pushed for solutions,
Juggling work from home, zooming, with kids and online classes;
Washing hands, staying apart, waiting in line.
Loss of jobs and income, political divisiveness,
Upheavals, wars, genocides;
Unity turned discord within races, cultures and ethnicities…
A universe crumbled
Afflicting further grief and bitter wails behind our masks.

Time passes.We turn to a new page of the calendar.
Hello 2021!
You bring fresh songs and melodies
Rich with promise of vaccines, a renewed appreciation for each other.
For medical science and healthcare workers, for teachers, parents, builders,
For doers and makers, for skills, diversity and innovation
We yearn for wings to break free from our confined solitude.
Abundant in sweet hope, we seek
To rebuild our crumbled universe from the inside out.
To not waste one moment of our precious time on anything less than the positivity of who we are.
To let go of what no longer serves us,
And for light to lead us to heights
That harvest life’s victories.

Fill our hearts with love
That spring gifts of goodness we can offer to the world.

With gratitude
for the miracles of our lives
Hello 2021
We embrace the opportunity of you.

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1 Response to Hello 2021

  1. Yeran says:

    Hello 2021!
    You better be better … Us, too … Or else …
    Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

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