Toward Tomorrow

I prepare to leave yesterday behind
And look toward tomorrow;
I know that it may be a repeat of today and the yesterdays,
But I insist
On seeing the value even in the humble, unremarkable repeat of situations.
Because, if I can celebrate yesterday as a victory,
Then I know I have gained more strength today for the triumph of tomorrow.

I believe Life is a mirror that gives back to us the reflection of our own grace.
If I can value the small miracles of my daily life
Without bitterness, with a heart that trusts, with a heart that hopes,
With a heart that loves, then,
May my reflection be the equanimity
That allows me to receive life however it unfolds….
With a heart that is tender with the young, compassionate with the old,
Sympathetic to those struggling, tolerant of the strong and weak,
And empathetic for the joy of others…

That is my goal, my beacon through the fog of life,
For tomorrow…tomorrow I may be all of these things.
Tomorrow will be the reflection of my own heart’s grace.

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3 Responses to Toward Tomorrow

  1. yeran says:

    Here’s to your victories of yesterday and many great tomorrows.
    Happy, healthy and prosperous years to you and yours.


  2. Diana Minassian says:

    Always bright , my dear Silva ! although sometimes difficult for me to understand ! High literary work, my Uni prof. would have been delighted to receive your texts ….in French…

    Best wishes for New Year and success in your goals !





  3. Colette says:

    LOVED IT!!! What an insightful awareness of one’s own soul…
    Happy New Year my Friend!


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