Life in Questions

Why? Why momma? What’s that? Will it hurt? Can you carry me? Are we there yet? Do we have to go home? Do I have to eat that? Am I a good girl momma? Can I have a dog? When will I grow up? Why does it hurt? Will you tuck me in? Are you praying momma? Where does Santa live? Why is Buster sick? Is it tomorrow yet? Can I keep the cat? Do I have to get up? Do I have to go to school? Where’s dada? Why won’t you read “The Monster at the End of The Book” again? Why’s momma crying? Are you guys getting a divorce? Do you love me? Why can’t I play? Why did granny die? Will I die? It’s not fair, is it? Do I have to take out the trash? Why should I worry about starving children in Africa? Do I have to go to church again? Why can’t I wear makeup? Are you sad, dada? Can I spend the night at Sara’s? Tracy’s mom lets her, so why won’t you? What homework? Why doesn’t he call? Will he kiss me? Am I in love? Can I go to the prom? Am I too fat? Does he love me, does he love me not? God, why do I hurt so much? Can I borrow the car? Why do I have to be back by 11? Why? Don’t you trust me? It’s never fair, is it? Why won’t my parents understand me? What if I don’t want to go to College? Can I be an actress? A lawyer!? What if I want to be a doctor? What if I’m not good enough? Please God, will I get in? Is my room the guest room now? Why do we have to go to war for peace? Can’t we put an end to world hunger instead? Why’s life so hard? Why didn’t you tell me it was this tough? Why are you crying? Aren’t you proud I made it? Is this true love? How will I know he’s the one? When will he propose? Who said marriage is all bliss? Who said raising children is a piece of cake? How was your day honey? Why didn’t momma tell me it was this tough? Do you know how much I love you kid? God, why can’t I get a good night’s sleep? Were you a good boy? Where does it hurt? Let’s see, what did Santa bring you? Did you brush your teeth? Did you say your prayers? You hid your sister where? Why can’t they just grow up? Which of you didn’t let the dog out? Can’t you just take the trash out for once without being asked? Why are you sad? How was your day? Why do you want the car keys? Oh God, will you keep them safe? Is this what my parents went through? What makes you think you’re fat? Do you know how beautifully handsome you are? Can you believe they’re out of high school? When did they grow up so fast? Do we convert his room into the guest room? What do you mean another semester? Do you know how much it costs to send you to college? Why am I crying? Did you get the job? Do you know how proud of you I am? Did you call your dad? Are you eating right? Isn’t it pitiful that we’re still at war, and world hunger is on the rise? Did you hear about Sara’s cancer? Did she have to die so young? Life’s not always fair, is it? When do I meet this love of yours? Son, is she good to you? Have you set the date? Do I look fat in this dress? Daughter, will you be at church this Sunday? Dada, can I help you with that? Momma, didn’t you hear me? Will you and dada visit us this year? Kids, did you thank your grandparents for the gift? Do you miss your grandpa as much as I do? Why do I feel like an orphan without my parents around? When is our next church meeting? Have you seen my glasses? Really? I’m going to be a grandma? Isn’t my grandchild the cutest? Who knew being a grandparent would be this rewarding? Why don’t you put some socks on those little feet? Won’t he catch a cold like that? Do you want me to baby-sit? You want me to read “The Monster at the End of the Book”? Again!? Did you brush your teeth? Did you say your prayers? Do you know how much I love you? Isn’t life wonderful? What did I do to earn such joy? Did you call the doctor? Why am I tired? Why do my joints hurt? Did my best friend have to die so soon? God, why does it hurt so much? Why are we still at war? When is the next church meeting? How are the grand kids? Did they get the birthday card I sent them? Did they get their graduation gifts I sent them? Where did you say you were going for Christmas this year? Will I see you soon? Did the kids call? Did anyone call? Is it time for dinner? Why do I have to stay up till 9 p.m.? Why can’t I go to bed earlier? God, why can’t I get a good night’s sleep? Was it only yesterday? Do I have to swallow those pills? What did I spend my time on? With whom did I spend my time? God, I don’t remember…was I a good person? Can I stay a little longer? Do they know I love them? Do I have to go? Why? Please God, will you carry me? Did I make it God? Am I home yet?

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2 Responses to Life in Questions

  1. verkin10 says:

    Why are you sooo talented?


  2. Laurance says:

    i wasn’t ready to read this till today. i realized just a few days ago how generations change. we come and go, but i guess we always footprints behind, so as for the others can follow. that’s what happens with grandparents. i realized that none is left now, we are practically moving a generation, you guys are not only parents, but grandparents as well, we are not only children but parents as well and there is a new generation already here, following us.

    It is sad losing people that are loved so much, but at the same time it is a blessing to have had them in our lives and though they may be absent as flesh and blood, they are here in between us, as souls, in happy memories, in each advice we give, each receipe we cook, each decision we make.

    “Miayn yete hishadags merni, ayn aden yes g mernim”.

    You are in my mind and heart.
    keep strong.



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