Praise the Man

Much is said of the woman who works hard in and out of the home. Much is said of the working mother as a key figure in and among family life. But what of the working man, the father? I think he deserves mention.
I admire the working father of today who is actively involved in the lives of his family. My own baba was a hardworking, forward thinking beacon of light, stability and hope. He was a man unafraid to be a “real” man… a true father who had something of a mother in him…something tender; a true father who knew that his strength was to motivate and inspire not with a Zeus like authority but rather by gentle  example and support. He had a unique fondness of all mothers and insisted on women’s need to be educated and self-sufficient.  Like most men of his time, he had the wisdom of school-of-hard-knocks experience, yet he was a raging optimist, which became his greatest asset. He was a true father who influenced and changed the lives of countless people with his knowledge and a personality that came from a divine spark from within. I miss my baba but am grateful for his 93 years of God given life shared on this earth.

 Today’s man has come a long way from being the sole provider and protector of families and he has stepped in to take on some of the responsibilities that woman has worked hard to shed off her shoulders in the process of attempting to gain her share of equality. Admirable is the man who helps with the children, prepares them for school, picks them up, feeds them, bathes and dresses them, reads to them, plays with them, puts them to bed. He helps with budgeting, planning meals, shopping, cooking, laundry, washing, fixing things, entertaining guests, and, often solves a problem without bitching and moaning.  You see, man is a problem solver. He is brought up to be one. He finds a solution and he goes straight to it, regardless of whether it is what you want. He is pragmatic and solves your problem with a simple “you should…”
I appreciate the working father of today. He takes responsibility for his actions. He doesn’t make excuses. He is, after all, brought up to be the designated risk-taker even if the risk is emotional. Is not man the one women expect to take the ultimate emotional risk when, not knowing the outcome, he makes the first move by asking “Will you marry me?”?
I value the working man of today. He suppresses his sense of isolation when women or daughters are recognized as caregivers to parents even though the 2010 Census shows that almost 40 percent of caregivers are men. And though man is often made to feel less needed by the modern woman’s lack of regard for his masculinity by seeking to be a single parent, he is still the first to rush women and children out of burning buildings, put them in lifeboats first and help navigate them through high waters.
I praise the working father of today. He is still chivalrous despite being “scolded” for his niceness which is often misunderstood as lack of sensitivity or disrespect toward his “equal” counter-gender.   Next time a car breaks down, chances are, it’s a man who’s going to stop and offer to help. Carrying something heavy? Chances are a man is going to offer his help with it. Received a bouquet of flowers for an anniversary or birthday? Chances are the man sent them.
I like the working father of today. He is as educated as his female equal. He holds a full time job. He takes on the homemaker responsibilities with pleasure and enjoys time with his children. He is responsible and takes over what once was the predominantly female role of caregiver. He is not as emotionally shut down as once thought he was, and he does not bitch and moan. He is helpful off-road and in house. He is chivalrous; and if his upbringing to protect and shelter has not been altered, he will do so with blind faith for his family, his spouse and child/children. He is unafraid and ready to exert all he has for their sakes, physically, mentally, and spiritually, at any time of the day or night.  Praise the man, for he is found in your father, your brother, your husband, and your son. Praise the man. Happy Father’s Day.

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3 Responses to Praise the Man

  1. lucy says:

    inchbes mishd shad keghetsig tsevov ardahaydevatz es hayrerou masin sylva.pernit talar.shad darinerou polor abrogh yev megnatz hayreroun


  2. Colette says:

    What a great tribute to all Fathers Silva!
    A question though. The man / working father of today that you’re describing with all those wonderful qualities, are they found within one man or you’ve gathered different qualities from a million different man and combined them into one person???
    Happy Father’s Day indeed to all our dads, brothes and sons, all over the globe!


    • In a perfect world we’d find all these qualities in one man. Indeed if we found half we’d be happy. Nonetheless, the working man does deserve mention, especially among the younger couples and families where many of life’s responsibilities are truly shared.


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